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  • October 21, 2011 10:00 am

    Great Q&A about leg lengthening over at FYSG

    TSC: The editor of “Fuck Yeah, Short Guys” has posted an amazing question and response as to why he doesn’t support leg-lengthening on his blog.  Check it out for yourself by clicking on the linked title.  I’ve posted an excerpt below:

    "I have done a lot of research and I’m not “against” it, as I said, “everyone is free to do what they will with their bodies and their lives and not to be judged”. However I am not going to support it on a blog that is about embracing being a short male. And I have talked to people who have had it and deeply regret it, I even talked to someone who lost his ability to walk as a result of it, and I’ve talked to doctors about it. There is a reason so few doctors are willing to perform it. In fact when I was doing my research I could only find 3 hospitals in the entire country that will do it. And the doctors that do it, a lot of them say really disturbing things about short men. I read an article and one surgeon that does it was describing how “awful” it must be to be a male and 5’3”, really disparaging to short men, not okay.”

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