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  • November 27, 2011 12:22 am


    This could be so much fun, you guys.

    This is the first Internet Meme created by The Social Complex.  If you don’t know how these work, check out this site to see some good examples.  Basically, it involves putting humorous captions around an avatar which is supposed to represent some cultural idea to which others can also relate.

    So what better internet meme for a blog about heightism than…

    Heightism Denying Giraffe

    The Heightism Denying Giraffe means well, but she has no understanding about heightism, even though she is very tall and believes herself to be very knowledgeable on the subject.  The Heightism Denying Giraffe tends to discount the social affects of heightism as its practiced, and she tends to ignore heightism when applied to the short while exaggerating it when applied to the tall.  The Heightism Denying Giraffe generally doesn’t think heightism exists in practice; and to the extent that it does, she doesn’t think it’s a serious social ill.

    TSC: Click on the Link to go to a website which will allow you to create your own captions.  Have fun.  Submit your images to this blog and I will post the funniest ones. 

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