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  • January 13, 2012 2:00 am

    Real Conversation

      This is the transcript of a brief conversation I had with a female co-worker today. She was trying to help me remember a lawyer whose name sounded familiar, but whom I couldn't quite place. The conversation is illustrative of how height and gender intersect in ways which sometimes cause cognitive dissonance. And yes, this totally happened today in Real Life.
      Me:  What was her name again?
      Co-Worker:  Joanne. You just met her at The Firm Christmas Party, remember? Her "plus one" was that man with the Australian accent.
      Me:  Ummm? I think I sort of remember her (lie). She was our age, right?
      Co-Worker:  No. No. This is a much older lady.
      Me:  Huuum. Oh wait, I know now. Sort of a tall woman with silver hair?
      Co-Worker:  She had grey hair, but I wouldn't really call her tall.
      Me:  I mean, I guess she was about 5'9" or so, right?
      Co-Worker:  Yeah, I guess so. I guess that would be tall for you.
      Me:  (*paused with confusion*)
      Me:  What do you mean "for you"? You and I are the same height.
      Co-Worker:  (*pause*)
      Co-Worker:  (*stares blankly*) ... (*looks confused*)
      Co-Worker:  Well, you know what I mean.
      Me:  - - - (*Awkward*)
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