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  • January 30, 2012 12:09 am

    New Zealand Press Council Update

    For those of you who remember our complaint against a New Zealand newspaper called “The Dominion Post”, about an article that they published which likened short men to New York City dogs - there has been an update.

    Apparently, The Press Council meets sometime in early February and they will take up this case, among others.  I have been told that rulings come out a few weeks after the meetings and so I will post the results and their analysis here, when it becomes available.

    Hopefully, the Press Council will do the right thing and uphold the complaint against a newspaper publisher who ran an article (with no political or social value) whose sole purpose was to slander and humiliate short people who happen to be born as the wrong gender (male).  As far as I can tell, there was no public interest served in publishing the hateful rants of an author who begrudges short people who do not meet her gender expectations.  After all, if you let Rosemary tell it, men are supposed to be tall.     

    (p.s. - I have the reply letter to the Council from the Dominion Post, and my letter to the Council in response.  They are both pretty good and so hopefully the Council will give this some substantive thought before they rule.  I will probably post both of those letters in the future as a learning tool for those of us who are anti-heightist.  The only reason that I haven’t posted it already is that I don’t know if that would be against the rules and so I want to act in Good Faith.  But, expect to see them after the ruling, regardless of which way it comes out).

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