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  • February 4, 2012 8:20 pm

    TSC: Check out this BMW ad which uses “the odd couple" in order to sell a comfort feature.  Still, the ad isn’t overtly offensive because the short guy is acting normally and not doing anything to humiliate himself.  But, the really strange thing is that BMW is doing an advertisement for a technology that is more than two decades old.  I thought BMW was supposed to be an upscale brand?  Are they trying to go down-market? 

    Edit to Add: On the one hand, BMW uses the Male-Taller Norm concept as the setup for a visual punchline whose humor relies on the audience’s understanding that such a relationship would be “funny”.  But on the other hand, the ad manages to avoid offense because the actual characters in the ad are not making fools of themselves.  Any humor in the ad is projected onto the characters by the audience.  The character’s themselves are depicted as regular people who are probably in a very loving and healthy relationship.  

    Well played, BMW.  At least you didn’t go the same nasty route as Honda

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