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  • February 5, 2012 8:38 pm

    The Craziest Thing I’ve Read Today

    height or hair?

    which would you rather have?

    hmmm lets say you had a choice between 5’6” and perfect beautiful nw1 or 6’2” with nw5+.

    what would you choose?

    i’d choose the tall tbh, there’s meds for hair loss, none for being short.

    (This Tom Cruise pic is funny to me b/c they are comparing apples and oranges.  In one he’s got a neck tattoo, an earring, and his eyes are lighter.)

    TSC: O.K., so this thread needs a bit of explanation.  The link takes you to a forum dedicated to “supporting” men with hair-loss (why they would need “support” is beyond me).  Upon reading through some of the other threads, it suddenly hit me that *this* must be how some people view the discussions about heightism on this blog.  A lot of their ideas about hair-loss seemed to be blown out of proportion to me.  Most of the men who post on these forums seem to think that losing their hair was the worst thing to happen to them.  Some of them report great difficulty in finding women after they started to lose their hair (though I’ve NEVER heard a woman say anything bad about bald men).  Still others report feelings of being constantly judged by others because their hair is thinning.   

    But with that being said…even THESE guys would not trade having a full head of bouncy luscious hair in exchange for being a short man.  This is powerful testimony folks.  One guy says that he would give up a pinky toe for a full head of hair, but he wouldn’t become shorter because height is “actually useful” (as if pinky toes play no role in balance).  Another guy said “Height not only is the biggest deal breaker when it comes to women but it’s also the first trait that creates the aura of dominance over other males.”

    …But, it’s not all bad…

    Here is what one tall and balding man said about being short:

    "Yeah, but unfortunately [being a tall man] attracts the wrong type of women, the ones who like a bit of rough. That’s ok if you are looking for a casual relationship (usually based on physical), or one-night stands, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, then being "tall and imposing" tends to scare away women with a bit of integrity."

    I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds plausible.  Plus, this is straight from the mouth of a tall guy.  So who are we to argue with this, right? 

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