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  • April 22, 2012 2:55 am

    CNBC: 'Big Guy' vs. 'Short Guy'

    TSC: This video probably won’t be up long, so watch it while you can (because I think that CNBC rotates their clips and it will be removed in a couple of days).  Here, two CNBC anchors get into a heated argument about crude oil prices and one anchor calls the other anchor “big guy”.  So, the other anchor calls him “short guy”.  "Oooooohs" and a  "Oh My God" can be heard in the background. 

    So basically, calling someone a “short guy” is an automatic insult now? 

    Nobody said “ooooooh” or “Oh My God” when the first guy was called “big guy”.  And he didn’t even respond with the term “little guy” (which could be more reasonably interpreted as a pejorative); instead he said simply said “short guy” and that was taken to be an insult.  Heightism is ubiquitous, folks.  It’s comfortable and out in the open.

    And notice how the short guy reacts.  There is no good defense against heightism because it is so accepted.  He just laughs it off and even claps for the “big guy” as if to say “you have bested me - you got me”.  I think that probably every short man has been in this guy’s shoes before. 

    (Fireworks start at 2:00 mark)