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  • February 23, 2013 7:22 pm

    UK Website Features Fun Height Bigotry Pin - Only $4.17

    TSC: Thanks to our good friend,

    We at carefully select every product for quality, style and originality.

    Our passion lies in discovering unique new products and we’ve spent a lot of time choosing the 50,000 or so products (and counting) that you’ll find here on our website and in our catalogues.

    We get hundreds of new products landing on our desks and popping up in our in-boxes every single week but we only select the very best. We insist on exceptional quality, so if it’s not well-made, it doesn’t make the grade. We’re style seekers too and are always on the lookout for beautiful design and detailing. And we don’t do ordinary – for us, it has to be original so we only choose products that inspire us.

    Why do we have such a strict selection process? That’s easy. It’s our way of making sure you’ll end up with a purchase you’ll love from the moment it arrives and for many years to come. Or a gift that will make you very popular indeed!

    Wow!  They only choose products that “inspire” them?  Well then maybe we should start writing them short (no pun intended) e-mails, asking them what they find so inspirational about a metallic button which simply reads “Never Date a Short Man”?,

    First Floor, Lion House, Red Lion Street, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1RE

    (Please Be Polite)

    And what makes this slightly more offensive, than it might otherwise be, is the fact that markets itself as a wholesome website.  They hand pick all of their venders and I couldn’t find any other types of products which could be viewed as even slightly offensive.  They don’t sell dildos or other sex toys (trust me, I checked).  They don’t sell racist joke books or Nazi memorabilia.  And I couldn’t even find so much as a “No Fat Chicks” T-Shirt in my size, or any size.  In fact, this pin is the ONLY thing I could find on this site which attempts to shame an entire category of persons. 

    Won’t you e-mail and ask them to take down this shameful item from their otherwise thoughtful website?  No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.  Now is the time to do something. 

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