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  • June 28, 2011 9:54 pm

    I’d Better Remove My Heels

    In one of her best performances, actress Anne Hathaway publicly reenforces her support for the Male-Taller Norm in this riveting opening production of “I’d Better Remove My Heels So That I Won’t Be Taller Than This Short Male Director” (subtitled: “…because I’m a girl”).

    We all know that the Male-Taller Norm maintains our social paradigm in relation to gender by mandating that men must be taller than women in any relaxed social situation.  This is especially true during a social interaction in which the woman is supposed to defer to the male (i.e., pretty much all social interactions between men and women). 

    In this production of I’d Better Remove My Heels, the Director turned actor (Carlos Saldanha) reciprocates and exclaims how relieved he is that his actress would think so much of him as not to emasculate him by being taller.  His performance was a bit overwrought to Hathaway’s seasoned and perhaps much practiced dramatization…but that’s why she’s the professional and he only acts in his spare time.

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