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  • June 29, 2011 11:54 pm

    Advertising firms are experts at gauging how consumers will react to a given concept or scenario.  Successful firms hire armies of creative writers, social scientists, and psychologists to craft the types of ads which will be the most relevant to their target audience and entice them to purchase additional products.  Every word in a chosen advertisement is calculated for maximum effectiveness, and nothing is done haphazardly. 

    Here, we have an ad that was targeted at those demographic groups who are most likely to purchase Yoplait Yogurt. 

    The general concept of the ad is that two bridesmaids are sitting down after a wedding party; chatting together, while eating a cup of Yoplait Yogurt. The two characters develop a comradery based on the supposed deliciousness of their Yoplait Yogurt by comparing the “goodness" of the yogurt to other things that they perceive as "good”. 

    Notice how all of these social memes are vaguely feminist in nature. (A blatant pander to the target demographic):

    Woman 1: “This (the yogurt) is like cute best man good

    Woman 2: “No, this is like burning this dress good

    Woman 1: “Never having to stand in line in the ladies room good

    Woman 2: “Getting these shoes off good

    So far so good.  The Advertising Firm has really done their research.


    Wait.  What’s this?

    Woman 1: “Getting put with an usher who is not shorter than you gooddid you see him?”

    Woman 2: *sneers and titters derisively*

    So now, a short man is not allowed to be an usher at his friends wedding without being mocked in the service of selling yogurt?  What is this about?

    This use of height bigotry in advertising is more shocking than most because it doesn’t even try to hide it behind the context of dating or sexual preferences.  Here, the character is offended that she had to STAND NEXT TO A SHORTER MAN.

    What does this have to do with selling Yogurt?

    -Of course, this is why I only eat Dannon Yogurt-


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