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  • March 27, 2012 12:21 am

    How To Approach Tall Girls

    TSC: Awesome advice for you guys who like taller girls.  Click here to read the whole article.   

    Our story begins, as it always does, with a woman.

    She was sitting at the bar, sipping her drink. Sexy, blonde, with bangs that covered  her forehead and a cute button-nose, looking sleek and bored in a black form-fitting dress. And alone. All 6 foot something of her. Perfect.

    I walked over, leaned against the bar, and ordered a drink. Then I turned to her.

    “Hi, I’m Rami,” I said, using the world’s best opening line.

    “I’m Tina,” she replied with a smile.

    “You’re very cute, Tina,” I said, gazing into her in the eyes. “Too bad you aren’t taller.”

    She paused, looking at me in disbelief. I smirked at her with a wink, and she pulled herself up to her full height. Definitely 6 foot something. Probably 1 or 2.

    “Well I’m already way taller than you, short legs,” she said, putting her arms on her hips and trying very hard to loom over me.

    “Short legs?!” I looked down at my feet. “You know, I’ve always said one’s legs are long enough, as long as they reach the ground.”

    This time I got a big laugh. Why wouldn’t I, when I used a line from Thundercats?

    ——Read the rest at Gutsy Geek——